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The Merkypie! Journal Translations desu~!
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What is Merkypie? Merkypie is a journal that translates the journals of Japanese actors, more specifically those who star in Tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, etc). If you're already familuar with how this works then you can skip this and straight into the journal but if this is your first time with something like this then keep on readin'!

So, you translate journals?
Yes, I translate journals. Japanese blogs, especially those in the entertainment business, are very quirky and interesting. They usually have pics and funky emoticons and a lot of rants about nothing and anything. They're to interesting that their foriegn fans visit them everyday to see whats up wtih them so I decided to translate some! Also, these journals prove to be some great japanese enhancing skills... since I really need them. My Japanese is a little less than average, so they're not the best translations, but hopefully I'll improve with each entry!

When are the updates?
I'll try to update every two days, but sometimes I'll update once a week. Takeru Sato's blog is active with an entry everyday while Hidenori Tokuyama's journal has insane activity with, on some days, can run up to 7 posts. Uchiyama Masato barely updates his blog and usually updates via Hidenori's. So it also depends on how often they update and how busy they are.

Anything else?
First lemme list the blogs I will be translating:

  • Takeru Sato - Takeru Sato is the young actor (He's just turned 18 years old!) mostly known for his role as Tooru in the 10 episode (2006 summer-season) teenager drama, Princess Princess D. He's now broke through the doors and has landed the role as Ryoutarou Nogami, the world's most unluckiest Photographer, in the 17th production of the historical series, Kamen Rider. He has the title role and will defend time as the Kamen Rider Den Ou.

  • Hidenori Tokuyama - Hidenori Tokuyama is an actor known for his role as Sou Yaguruma from the 16th installment and 35th anniversary production of Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Kabuto. Though his character of Yaguruma was one of mental instability his online blog is a complete opposite of his character. He's an interesting one by claiming to be a big anime fan and having nearly ten posts a day on his blog (looks like he updates from his cell phone).

  • Hiro Mizushima - Hiro Mizushima is an actor most known for his role as the title character, Tendou Souji, from the show Kamen Rider Kabuto. He maybe the man the walks the path of heaven in the show, but in real life he's pretty reserved. His journal is updated sparratically... But he's completely fluent in English!

  • Yuki Sato - Yuki Sato is an actor/singer most known for his role as Kagami Arata/Kamen Rider Gatack, from the show Kamen Rider Kabuto. His real life personality is pretty much the same as his show's counterpart.

  • Uchiyama Masato - Uchiyama Masato is an actor most known for his role as Kageyama Shun/Kamen Rider Zabee/Punch Hopper, from the show Kamen Rider Kabuto. He loves Bleach, h.naoto, and has 3 dogs and a cat. His journal entries are random but not as random as his partner in crime, Hidenori.

Sorry, but I will not be translating comments to be posted on their journals. I will probably get swamped and never get to them in time so... sorry :( (I MAY decide on doing them in the future, but I'm not sure as of yet. Starting school again and with other projects in the way I wo't have much time) You can access their journals on the links within the first post of the journal and see them for yourself :D Feel free to leave comments of your own and expression your appriciation for their hard work!

Other Journal Translations!
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